DIY 5 Minute Knotted Headband

I love a DIY project that is quick, simple, and doesn't require a lot of supplies. Not only does this twist knotted headband/ turban click the boxes, it's actually practical and great for gifts. Sew up these headbands in less than 5 minutes with a strip of fabric. It's only 2 straight stitches and you're done. These headbands are great for working out, ear warmers, and as a stylish turban. I love making them for my little girl nieces who wear these all the time. Get the details below and make your own. I also did a full IGTV tutorial here on how to see these if a video works best for you.


  • fabric with 4-way stretch is best, think stretchy knits and velvets. Try a spandex for a workout headband.

  • Sewing machine or serger: Brother 1034DX serger and SE1900 Sewing Machine

Cut the strip of jersey fabric: Mine was 22" x 9". You can alter these dimensions based on your head circumference (measure with a tape measure) and cut the fabric length to that exact measurement. Depending on the fabric you may need to add or subtract the seam allowance. Make a wider version or shorter version by altering the width as well. Works great for children just use the child's head circumference.

  • Place lengthwise edges right sides together and sew with a zigzag stitch (1/4" seam allowance) or serge.

  • Flip right side out.

  • Place seam in center.

  • Flip right side over.

  • Fold in half with raw edges all together and right sides are facing.

  • Fold the top part down to the center.

  • Fold the other part toward the back and pin so it's even.

  • Stitch (zigzag) a slight curve as shown in the above diagram. Clip seam allowance down 1/4"

Flip right side out and tadaaaaa!

Now go make one in every color, print, and size for everyone in your life.