DIY Bow Zipper Pouch

I like to start February with all things sweet, pretty, and PINK (or blush). Everybody loves a cute zipper pouch to sew so I thought I'd bring it up a notch by adding a knotted bow to the front. This simple tutorial will glam up a basic zipper pouch to an evening handbag. A perfect for an upcoming Valentines Day look. Get the details below with Coats & Clark...


Cut your fabric pieces out:

  • 2 Main 10.5" x 8"

  • 2 Liners 10.5" x 8"

  • 2 zipper tabs 2" x 3"

  • 1 bow 18" x 12" (width)

*Optional medium wt. fusible interfacing (10.5" x 8") for main pieces which I did. 

For the bow:Fold the strip of satin in half so right sides are facing and stitch. Flip right sides out and place seam in center back.Knot the center manipulating the seam to the back.

Place the bow on a top piece so the knot is in the center. Leave a 1/2" open on the bottom and top of the sides for seam allowance. Baste stitch the bow down and cut any excess material. 

To make the zipper tabs fold the outer edges to meet in the center, press, and then fold them together and press to create a double folded tab.  Place over the bottom and top tape ends and top stitch just along the edge. Repeat for both ends. You can cut the tape ends slightly if need be so the tabs fit over them.  Trim the end of the tabs to fit the zipper width. 

The zipper will look like top left image. Now place it on top of the liner (right side up). Then place the main bow piece over the zipper and liner and pin. Use your zipper foot and sew just along the top. You wont be able to see the zipper so you can use your finger to make sure you're not going to hit the teeth. My zipper foot stays right in the groove anyways. 

Now lay the other liner down over the zipper and the back main on the other side of the zipper (right sides should be facing and zipper sandwiched in between. Pin and sew. 

Top stitch down about 1/8" from the zipper on both sides. 

Lay the zipper flat and press the pieces. OPEN the zipper to the center. Fold so right sides of main pieces and right sides of liners are together. Pin and mark off a 2" gap at the bottom center of the liner. Sew all the way around with a 1/2" seam allowance leaving the 2" gap open. Clip corners. 

Flip right side out through the opening and push out corners. Flip the liner in through the zipper opening.  Last sew the opening closed. 

Add a swivel hook and strap or fun tassle.