DIY Embroidery Hoop Sunglasses Holder

Make a creative storage holder for your sunglasses using an embroidery hoop and fabric. Add Look on the Brightside embroidery collection with OESD's Luxe Sparkle Vinyl used for the appliqué. Get the details below and make your own.


I did 2 versions: one with the pocket embroidered and the other with the main piece embroidered. Just make sure the hoop is large enough for the embroidery design dimensions. To complete the embroidery design follow the instructions here.


Cut the fabric to measure the length of the hoop. I used a 10" hoop so I cut my fabric for the pocket and the main piece 14 x 14". It's a good idea to embroider first and then cut the fabric down to size. You want about a 2" diameter at least of extra fabric around the hoop.

Fold the fabric for the pocket in half, press, and place where you'd like it. I did mine just under the embroidery design at almost half way point. Also make sure there is a large enough gap to fit the sunglasses. I pulled mine out to have a gap large enough to fit sunglasses inside.

*Note: For the flamingo one I made the pocket have less of a gap so I could hang the sunglasses over the pocket. For the striped version the hoop is larger and I wanted the sunglasses to be inside the pocket so the gap is larger.

Once you have it the way you'd like you can cut a 1-2" circle edge all the way around.

Now just fold over the fabric edge and hot glue onto the wood. I did trim down some layers around the pocket. You can add a felt backing if you'd like.

I love these. You can also use for all kinds of storage including craft and sewing supplies.

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In collaboration with Embroidery Online.