DIY Fabric Gift Basket

As a "maker" and designer the greatest thing about being able to sew is creating handmade gifts for friends and family. I like to come up with projects that are versatile in use like these fabric baskets. They're great to add a gift set in, but after can be used as storage for many things. Because Valentines Day is coming up, I went with this V-Day embroidery collection: Be Mine Collection from ScissorTail Stiches. You can simply change up the embroidery you choose based on the holiday or occasion. Embroidery Online and ScissorTail Stitches are my go to for embroidery collections. I love making these for baby showers, teachers, and organizing the studio (great for fat quarters) and projects. Get the details below to make your own.



*It's a good idea to embroider the fabric first and then cut down evenly after embroidery. Make the fabric 2-3" longer and wider from the below measurements if you're doing embroidery.

  • exterior: 14" wide x 12.5" long

  • interior: 14" wide x 12.5" long

  • interfacing: 14" wide x 12.5" long

Embroider the center of the fabric. Be mindful the fabric basket is designed to have a bottom. The bottom will go under 2" so you will want the bottom of the design to end at 3" up (that's why I cut after).

Cut liner and main pieces. *Be mindful we will cut off a 2" square on both front and back edges so make sure the embroidery design is at least 3" up from the bottom cut edge.

Use a grid ruler and mark off a 2" square on the bottom edges of all 4 pieces and cut.

Sew side seam and bottom of front and back. Now fold so the bottom and side seam meet and pin (right sides should be together) and sew (1/4" seam allowance).

For the liner you will sew sides and bottom seams but you need to have a 3" opening either on the side seam or bottom. I did mine on the left side (center).

Place right side of exterior inside the liner with the wrong side out, but right sides are facing.

Sew around the top of the basket (1/4" seam allowance). Clip around the edges and flip out through the liner opening. Sew liner opening closed.

Fold over the top edge so the liner is exposed and add the goodies.

You can make these in all different sizes by altering the measurements. Here are a couple more of my favorites:

*In collaboration with ScissorTail Stitches