DIY Fall Gift Sack

I think it's safe to say Fall is a favorite season for most. The change of colors and crisp mornings are something to look forward to after a long hot summer (especially if you live in Georgia). It's a time for family get togethers, holidays, and all the fall sports. I love to make little gift sacks to give to teachers, family, and friends (now more than ever). I add my favorite festive candles, scarves,and little gift cards to place inside. These are great to customize with embroidery and Shannon Roberts new release "Pumpkin Kisses" is perfect for Fall projects (I love all her designs). The collection is available on ScissorTail Stitches, with so many other Fall inspirited designs to choose from. Get the details below to make your own.


*I added a border at the top of the main front because I cut it a little shorter than I wanted. This is optional and not necessary since the liner folds over.

Fabric: I am using a medium weight canvas fabric.

Main: 14" wide x 15.5" long

Liner (plaid): 14" x 16.5" (a little longer to fold over)

Interfacing (medium wt): 14" x 16.5" (Fuse to liner)

Hoop Main front with Medium Wt. Tear Away Stabilizer. (A CutAway will do to). Embroider so the design is in the center and about 4.5" up from the bottom edge.

On each bottom corner of all pieces mark off 4" and cut.

Place main front and liner pieces right sides together and stitch bottom and sides (1/4" seam allowance).

For the liner leave a 3" opening on the side so you can flip right sides out. (Notice on left side their is an opening).

Place cut corners together matching seams and stitch.

You should have created a flat bottom sack.

Place right sides together and sew all the way around the top edge.

Sew all the way around the top edge.

Flip right sides outs through the liner opening. Then stitch the liner opening closed.

Give a good press and flip liner piece out to fold over top edge.

Now add all the goodies and go warm someone's heart (or yours) with these.

*In collaboration with ScissorTail Stitches.