DIY Fringe Zipper Pouch

I love this little fringe zipper wristlet. It's the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe. The fringe adds an fun detail to your average bag and it holds just the right amount of necessities all while protecting everything. You can also alter the size by changing up the zipper length and width of the pattern. Get the details below to make your own...


Cutting:Cut 2 rectangles that measure 9” x 8”Cut 1 rectangle measuring 8.5” x  8”

STEP 1) Measure and mark 1” from the top of the 8.5” rectangle.  Mark on the wrong side of the vinyl.

STEP 2) Measure 1/8” vertical strips from side to side.

STEP 3) Cut the strips up to the 1” horizontal line to make fringe.

STEP 4) Place the fringe on top of one of the other rectangles so right sides are both up. (Note:  In this photo mine  is equal to the size of the other rectangles but I had to trim it about ½” during construction so you will want your fringe piece slightly smaller. It should be ¼” smaller along each edge.)Then top stitch along the edge to hold the fringe into place.

STEP 5) Place the zipper right sides together and pin or clip into place.

STEP 6) Use your zipper foot and sew the zipper into place. You will sew through the fringe and base layer.  Use a heavy duty needle for this, I used a Jeans needle. I also wanted to have some of the zipper exposed (not just the zipper teeth) so I sewed about ¼” away from the zipper teeth. This is optional.

STEP 7) It will look like this when done.

STEP 8) Now pin or clip the other side of the zipper with the other base piece so right sides are meeting.

STEP 9) Use your zipper foot and sew into place.

Step 10) Now cut 2 strips of vinyl. 1 that measures ½” x 15” and another little tab that measures ½” x 2” so they fit with your swivel hook and d-ring set.

STEP 11) Open up the pieces so they’re laying flat.  Attach the tab with the ring about 1” down from the zipper on the back. Baste stitch into place so it doesn’t move. You can also top stitch the zipper into place at this point by sewing along the top edge of the vinyl right along each side of the zipper (optional).

Step 12) Use a rubber band to hold all the fringe into place so it doesn’t get stuck in the sides when sewing.

Step 13) Open the zipper half way open. Place front and back right sides together and clip or pin. Zipper tabs should be folded upward. Sew ½” seam allowance should do.

Step 14) Flip right sides out through the zipper opening.

Step 15) Now sew the last strip over the swivel hook and clip onto the clutch.

Such a perfect little wristlet you will have in no time. I love that I can use it from day to night and it not only perfectly holds my phone and wallet but the vinyl is water proof and durably enough to protect everything.