DIY: Machine Embroidery on Cardigan

Add some Spring inspired florals to a basic cardigan with machine embroidery along the collar line. This is a pretty way to add some color and detail to a simple sweater or blouse. Get the details below and make your own with Coats & Clark.


Begin by getting an idea of how big you will want the design to be. I started with a smaller design around the collar and added to that. I used this Flores De Mexico collection because it was designed to embroider around collars and blouse necklines.

I created an embroidery sample to see how it would look, you can also print out a template from embroidery software. This will help with placement.

Cut Water-Soluble Stabilizer larger than the size of your embroidery area and hoop. Spray an adhesive spray and place against the cardigan making sure to cover the whole embroidery area. You can use a PolyMesh or a CutAway as well.

Make sure to use a fabric marking tool to mark the design location.

Cut another sheet of Water-Soluble stabilizer for the top as well that is the same size as the bottom. The top stabilizer helps so the stitches will come through the knit and not sink into them. This will give you a more detailed embroidery.

Use a spray adhesive to keep both stabilizers in position. This will help make it easier to hoop and ensure your design will be at the proper placement.

Hoop all 3 layers making sure your markings are coming through.

Set your embroidery machine up to embroidery and position the design along your markings. My Brother PE800 makes this easy to do, I can rotate slightly or move wherever I need the design to be. I also can add other designs onto the screen to embroider.

Once embroidery is complete, cut away the additional stabilizer and removed any additional stabilizer with water.