DIY Studio Wall Organizer

Now that the kids have gone back to school I've been looking forward to getting more studio time. Although, before I dive right into projects I needed to organize. As my project list grows, so does my need for supplies and notions. I was noticing my cutting table was getting cluttered with little bins. I need the space to cut but also prefer all my supplies be right there. So I designed this hanging organizer. I also added Scissortail Stitches "Perfectly Positive Quotes" embroidery collection on the front using Coats & Clark Embroidery Thread. It is nice to look up and be reminded to "Enjoy the little Things" or "live inspired." Get the details below to make your own.


Embroider the pockets:

I did the embroidery first based using the original design dimensions and then I created the pockets based off of these measurements.

For the main piece you will need a front/back and strong interfacing. I used a cotton duck for my front and back.

Measurements are shown above.

Press the interfacing onto the main exterior piece. Topstitch front and back wrong sides facing (about 1/4" or less from the edge). Interfacing should be sandwiched inbetween front and back.

Cut the pockets to size: I based my pocket sizes off of the embroidery design dimensions starting with the width.

-10.5" x 9"

-9.5" x 6"

-10" x 4"

Sew bias tape around the raw edge of the pockets (start at bottom center). Stitch right along the edge of the bias tape.On the wrong side draw 2 x 1" lines from the sides. Press to create an accordion like pattern. Baste stitch the bottom edge if necessary to keep the folds down or pin.

Sew bias tape around the raw edge of the main piece (start at center bottom edge).Position and pin pockets so they're visually even. Topstitch the pockets into place just over the previous stitch lines.

  1. Cut 2 x 9" strips of bias tape. Sew about 1" in from the edge on the wrong side. Flip up and topstitch on the right side up to secure it. Repeat for other side.