DIY Wrap Towel

With College students headed back to school and the dorms, I thought it would be fun to share a DIY towel wrap project. I use to make these towel wraps for my dormmates and I back when I went to college. Customize these as gifts by adding Greek Applique Letters, monograms, sports teams and more. So many designs to choose from Embroidery Online. Get the details below on how to sew a towel wrap and add embroidery on Terry cloth.


DIY Tutorial:

I got a towel that measured 30" x 54" and didn't have any decorative edging. On the long (54") top edge fold over 1 3/4" and press/pin. Mark off 8.5" in on each end. Stitch the center portion along the folded edge to create a casing for your elastic.

Use a large safety pin on the end of your elastic (Mine was a 20" strip) and pull through the center casing. Make sure not to pull through the other end.

Secure the elastic with a zigzag stitch on both sides. Finish sewing off the unfinished ends.

Top stitch the 8" strip of velcro on the ends. I just stitched around the rectangle.


I'm embroidering the bottom edge on the left side (when wrapped). Hoop the towel with the Medium Wt TearAway.

Begin embroidery.

Continue to embroider the statin stitches.

Once complete remove the tear away stabilizer.

Place ribbon or trim down the front (left side where embroidery is or whichever layer is on top). Topstitch just along each edge. You can use ribbon, decorative trim, or bias tape (that's what I used).

Optional but recommended: Stitch a strap loop on the center back so the towel wrap can easily be hung to dry!

That's it! Now go make one for your friends, family, and YOURself! I forgot how handy these are!

* In collaboration with Embroidery Online