Handmade Gift Guide

Looking for gift ideas to sew and make for your friends and family that don't require a lot of time or resources. Try these cute DIY gifts I've compiled together with full tutorials to follow.

1) Knotted headband: Takes 5-10 minutes per headband and not much material.

2) Vinyl Wristlet Wallets: Add a cute faux fur pom pom strap with a swivel hook.

3) Sleep Eye masks: add some embroidery on the front or keep it simple with a plain satin.

4) Zipper Pouch: add a pretty bow detail or embroidery on the front.

5) Earbud/Headphone Keychain: Because everyone needs these! Can be done in-the-hoop or with a sewing machine.

6) Scrunchies! Make them festive by adding bows and using jewel toned satin or taffeta.

7) Mask Lanyards: I made these for my son's teachers and they wear them EVERYDAY. You can make Holiday themed ones as well. Use bias tape, store bought trim, necklaces, or other forms of straps with Dritz Swivel Hooks.