Machine Embroidery on Cozy Blankets

The holidays are finally here and we have a lot to look forward to these coming months. From Christmas to New Years and many birthdays in between (all my 4 of my boy’s birthdays are within a month of each other). It also means the season of giving... For me I enjoy making handmade gifts, it's one of my favorite things about being a maker. Because I have a lot of sewing to do, I like to design projects that are simple enough but also one-of-a kind. That's why I love machine embroidery, it makes customizing gifts easy and fun. For this post I want to share how to embroider a monogram on thick fleece, sherpa, and sweater knit blankets with my Brother PE800. This tutorial can be done on many things from robes to towels, and even sweatshirts. Get the details below and make your own cozy embroidered blanket.


You will want to have an idea of where you’d like the embroidery to go. I’m embroidering on the center of the right bottom corner. My design is about 4”x4”.

For the embroidery design I’m using the built-in lettering from my Brother PE800 and a laurel wreath from Embroidery Online. I added the designs together on my touchscreen machine and skipped a few stitches in the design (I just wanted the laurel wreath and this one is perfect). They have so many options for wreaths and frames so browse the site to see what works for you. I also love the Knockdown Alphabet and Enchanting Monograms.

Hoop the blanket with a tear away stabilizer on the back side and a water-soluble stabilizer on the front as a topper. When embroidering on materials with piles you want to use a topper to keep the design from getting lost in the fabric. Mark on top of the stabilizer where you want the design to be.

***For the fleece one with the knockdown alphabet I did a water-soluble stabilizer on top and the bottom because the little squares in the design.

Before embroidery make sure the design is centered and in the location you marked using the touchscreen.

Embroider away!

Once the embroidery is done remove stabilizer. For the top stabilizer cut it down just around the design and then remove the additional with water.

Now go make one for everyone! My kids are known to steal all the blankets so I'm going to gift each of them one with their names. I also like these for couch throws as decor and quick gifts for friends and neighbors.

In collaboration with Embroidery Online.